ZCY has been successful in January 2021 to receive a small grant from Leeds Community Foundation Community Partnership Fund.

The grant will enable ZCY in partnership with a local charity, Schools & Homes Energy Education Project/Solar-Active (www.solar-active.com) to deliver activities in 2021/22 that tackle issues of lack of young people choosing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects and to up-skill in related career opportunities in renewable energy technologies.

Solar-Active will design and conduct a series of on-line and [when possible due to Covid-19 restrictions] face to face workshop sessions in Yorkshire area in sustainability issues. Participants will build a single cell model solar car, renewable energy working demonstrations i.e. solar water heating and solar electricity units, with easy access to downloadable Science and renewable energy resources.

We are looking for participants from teachers, training teachers, young people, schools, youth groups (e.g. Woodcraft, girl and boy Scouts), anyone doing on-line learning at home, parents and STEM Ambassadors. ZCY members are requested to contact a school or young people group.  Age/Year group – aimed at KS3/KS4. 7+ would require collaborative work with another older child or parent/guardian to build the car. 

Contact [email protected] for participant form and further details.