Coming out of the work of Carbon Co-op, People Powered Retrofit has
launched a new community share offer to raise £550,000 to help people
make their homes more energy efficient and greener across Greater
Manchester and to help other community energy groups around the UK do

Around 20% of the UK’s carbon footprint comes from heating our poorly
insulated and draughty homes. With 90% of today’s homes expected to be
still standing in 2050, the work done by People Powered Retrofit will
help to tackle and decarbonise as many as possible.

Open until 30th November 2021, the Community Share Issue will allow
People Powered Retrofit to scale up their operations to meet demand and
to up-skill their workforce. With a minimum investment of £250, PPR will
target a 5% return. Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) is available to

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