Zero Carbon Yorkshire in partnership with local Sheffield charity, Schools & Homes Energy Education Project Solar-Active have been funded to run online sessions that enable practical learning remotely with upper primary and secondary age inclusive of the home educated.

In February-April Solar-Active successfully ran on-line sessions.  An enjoyable time was had by the young people ages 8-14 who built solar cars from the car kit they received. They experienced our ‘Let me do it, I’ll understand’ practical learning approach. The young people were able to gain skills in problem solving. Gained knowledge about forces, electricity and maths. Used algebra and geometry applied in a useful way e. g. finding the centre of a circle [i.e. triangulation] to make car wheels.

Looking for participants: We continue to offer the sessions even though schools are now open, and are looking for participants from teachers, training teachers, young people, schools, youth groups (e. g. Woodcraft & Scouts), anyone doing on-line learning at home, parents and STEM Ambassadors.  Age/Year group – aimed at KS3/KS4. 7+ would require collaborative work with another older child or parent/guardian to build the car. 

Contact [email protected] for our on-line registration form and further details.

The development of the sessions supported by Sheffield Institute of Education. The on-line sessions focuses on STEM subjects related to renewable energy technologies. Project funded by Leeds Community Foundation.