Leeds Climate Commission is running a campaign to encourage organisations to share their climate commitments
and to inspire everyone in Leeds to take action.

From May, BBC Radio 5 Live will be in Leeds looking at the range of climate action going on in a strand called Leeds: City on a Mission.  The Leeds Climate Commission would like to start a large communications campaign, “Leeds Acts Together”, to showcase the immediate benefits of tackling climate change – not just for the environment, but for all of us as we go about our daily lives.

This is an opportunity for Leeds’ organisations to unite in their commitments to tackling climate change, and to demonstrate some of the fantastic work that we’re all doing.  We want to be a city that leads by example in taking action against climate change, but this can only be achieved with the support and collective action of institutions and organisations working together in partnership.

The #LeedsActsTogether campaign aims to inform, educate and inspire climate action across the city to make
Leeds a better place to live.

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