Happy New Year – we hope that you are OK in this challenging period.

On the 12th August 2020, the campaign for the Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE) bill was launched. This is a Private Members’ Bill, and taking it through parliament will be a hard-fought process but it has been done before with major climate legislation. The bill has been written by an alliance of scientists, lawyers and activists; it is gathering support from a broad range of campaign groups, businesses, charities and individuals. The bill has the potential to become the most significant move forward since the Climate Change Act 2008.

ZCY is supporting the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill (CEE Bill).

We would like you to declare your public support for the Bill too and to make all your members of your group/network aware of the CEE Bill.

Everyone needs to write to their MP and ask them to support the CEE Bill. You and your members can find out more about the Bill on the CEE Bill website. Climate Ilkley also created this resource pack on the CEE Bill.

2021 is a pivotal year and we in the UK have a particular opportunity and responsibility as the UK hosts COP26 in November this year. We need to update a new enabling legal framework to support the necessary actions we need to take so that we can address the Climate and Ecological Emergency we all face. Please join with us and support the CEE Bill.

Thanks for your support – and if you would like to get more involved then please contact us.