You are invited to six friendly, practical meetings to help you halve your carbon footprint, hosted at Left Bank Leeds.

In the Carbon Conversations Groups people explore the complexities and challenges of moving to a sustainable, low-carbon society. Through this supportive group experience, people typically reduce their CO2 emissions by 1 tonne immediately.

The 6 meetings are a non-judgmental place where people are encouraged to make serious lifestyle changes and consider wider action.

The sessions offer :

• Space to explore what climate change means for ourselves, our families, and aspirations

• Permission to share hopes, doubts, and anxieties

• Time to work through conflicts between intention, social pressure, and identity

• Reliable, well-researched information and practical guidance on what will make a difference

• Support in creating a personal plan for change

Discussions of practicalities, how people feel, and what these changes mean personally are supported by local accredited Carbon Conversations facilitators, as wel as well-researched and professionally designed materials.

The CC handbook “covers it all…reckons honestly with the psychological impacts of a crisis that is far too easy for many of us to deny in our everyday lives.” Naomi Klein, author of This Changes Everything

These sessions are open to anyone who is interested in reducing their carbon footprint!

‍These free sessions will run fortnightly from Wednesday, 23rd March, 1pm – 3pm. BOOK HERE